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Loan with temporary employment contract

The term temporary employment contract is used in two different ways. It can relate to the employment relationship with a temporary employment agency as well as to temporary employment. With regard to borrowing, the two situations differ noticeably. While financial institutions also grant a disposition loan with regular income to account holders with temporary employment

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Loan without guarantor and co – applicant

A surety is liable for the repayment of a loan if the borrower has become insolvent. The form of guarantee provided by the legislator as a norm, according to which liability only takes effect after unsuccessful execution, is almost always replaced by the joint and several guarantee. This states that if the borrower is insolvent,

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Loan without Credit Bureau information and credit check

More and more people with a negative Credit Bureau entry face a problem with getting a loan. But even if there are already debts that are always properly serviced, they are in the Credit Bureau. In the real sense, this protection community should protect consumers from over-indebtedness, but now such entries are increasingly affected. It

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