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Commonly called “business credit”, the professional loan is, as its name suggests, intended for professionals. If you want to learn more, read this article. See for a write-up

What is professional loan?

What is professional loan?


The professional loan is a loan intended to produce capital, which will be used to acquire materials and equipment for the company. The professional loan aims to cover the following needs:

  • Cash requirements

They concern businesses in difficulty. Indeed, when a company no longer has enough cash (credits and having on its monthly payments) to remunerate its suppliers, employees and other creditors. Its bank balance is then negative. This is the working capital.

  • Equipment requirements

They correspond to the operating needs of a company (furniture, supplies, landscaping equipment). If the purchase of equipment is likely to endanger society (especially when its activity decreases), then it is possible to take out a professional loan.

  • Real estate needs

They group together the purchase or construction of new premises, land or warehouses. In this case, tax exemption can be applied to reduce taxes.

Please note: an entrepreneur can also apply for a professional loan in order to create a business.

Who can benefit from the professional loan?

Who can benefit from the professional loan?


The professional loan is allocated to professionals who often need substantial funding. They employ the majority of the working population and the income generated is sometimes limited.

  • Liberal professions (doctors, lawyers, midwives, nurses etc)
  • Craftsmen
  • Tradespeople
  • Farmers
  • Associations
  • TPE (very small companies)

Where can you take out this loan?

Where can you take out this loan?


It is necessary to prove by documents the professional status of the borrower with the financial institution concerned. In addition, you are not obliged to take out the loan at your original banking establishment.

Under what conditions?

Under what conditions?


The financial institution in charge of contracting the loan assesses the applicant’s repayment capacities (the solvency of the company). The repayment capacity is assessed according to the financial autonomy ratio (based in particular on equity), the repayment capacity ratio and the general liquidity ratio.

For this, he observes the following criteria:

  • Balance sheet
  • Operating account
  • Adequacy Report
  • Company rate of return
  • Business plan

It is strongly advised to best establish the business plan justifying the loan. The project must be clear and structured. For this, you can call on a broker who will take care of preparing the file. This will allow you to provide your request with the best conditions (saving time) to be eligible for the loan. Also, be aware that if you decide to appeal to investors, this is valued. An honor loan can also be beneficial to you.

What are the different types of loans?

What are the different types of loans?


We distinguish among the types of loans: traditional bank loans  and loans adapted to the needs of businesses .

Traditional bank loans:

  • The amortizable loan

It gives the possibility to a company to repay the loan contracted with monthly payments which repay both the principal and the interests. All this, over a fixed period.

  • The credit reserve

Also called “permanent credit”, it allows the company to benefit from a permanent sum of money, renewable every year.

  • Credit repurchase

It combines all debts into a single loan, with a single monthly payment and a fixed rate. Note that this type of loan generally has more advantages than loans granted to individuals.

The pests tailored to company profiles

  • Leasing

It aims to finance the assets of a company. To do this, it brings together a leasing company (a bank, for example), a credit applicant (in this case the company concerned) and an equipment supplier.

Thus, if a transport company needs an additional vehicle, it can then apply for a financial lease from the bank. Once his request was accepted, his bank bought the vehicle and rented it to the company. The latter pays a fee to the bank and is able to acquire the vehicle at the end of the loan. The sale price will then be very low.

  • Factoring

It corresponds to the transfer of management of a company’s client account to a factoring company (or factor). This will then help the company quickly recover its debts and be more flexible. There are various types of contracts: classic factoring contract, managed notified contract, etc.

  • The cash facility

It allows the company to be overdrawn for a fixed period of time in order to cover a cash flow gap. If this period exceeds 15 days, the company will then be in overdraft.

  • Bank discount 

It is a phenomenon where a company gives a commercial effect to a bank. The latter then benefits in return for a sum of money equal to the value of this commercial paper.

  • Revolving credit

Also called professional revolving credit, it designates an amount made available to the company by a lending institution.

The company can then use this amount as it wishes. It is a short term cash solution.

  • The In-Fine loan

It is the payment of credit interest and insurance at each due date. However, the capital obtained is due in full at the end of the contract. The advantage linked to this type of loan is fiscal.

  • Cash credit

It allows the company to acquire the cash necessary for its operation. It is a short-term credit.

Moreover,  the crowdlending means a form of participatory financing through a credit (including interest and guarantees) eventually paid. The company must then conduct a fundraising campaign with Internet users, on a loan platform. They are the ones who provide the funds. This process is called Peer To Business (P2B Investors).

What Are The Types Of Interest Rates Of The Professional Loan?

What Are The Types Of Interest Rates Of The Professional Loan?


A business loan includes an interest rate (fixed or variable rate), administration fees and insurance contributions as well as collateral fees. Among these rates are:

  • The nominal rate

It serves as the basis for calculating interest on the loan or advance.

It is determined by each bank, except for loans at regulated or subsidized rates (loans under agreement, for example). It varies according to the market rate: it is the rate at which the bank can take out a loan and includes multiple criteria (risks, workload, etc.). However, it remains insufficient to assess the amount of a loan.

  • The  TEG ( T to E ffectif G lobal)

It brings together all of the costs. It also allows for an interbank comparison.

It is calculated based on the specifics on which the loan depends: the nominal interest rate, the administration fees, and the amount of insurance. In addition, if the insurance contracted is provided by the bank granting you the loan, then its amount will be included in the TEG. However, if it is contracted in another establishment than the bank chosen for the loan, it will not appear in the TEG. In addition, the TEG is mentioned in all loan offers in France.

  • Application fees

They apply to the steps taken by the bank upon receipt of your loan request. And this, without even guaranteeing a positive response.

However, it is rare that establishments that have rejected your request require payment of the application fees. In addition, the fees depend on the nature of the funding requested: it can be proportional to the cost of the loan or fixed. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it must be included in your calculations when preparing your file.

  • Death and disability insurance

It guarantees the survival of your business as well as the repayment of the loan.

Intended to protect your heirs, the insurance reimburses the loan in their place in the event of the death of your heirs or your associates. Note that the amount of insurance depends on banks and insurers. It is valued based on the capital borrowed and the increase in the loan rate on the remaining capital.

  • Other fees

They correspond to a registration with the Registry of the Commercial Court.

This registration is required for certain professional loans (for the pledge of goodwill for example or the pledge of a vehicle in guarantee). These costs generally do not exceed a few tens of dollars.

What insurance should I turn to?

What insurance should I turn to?


In order to be eligible for a professional loan, it is necessary for the company to choose between borrower insurance or an individual contract.

The insurance contract can be made available to the company by the bank that grants the loan. In this case, it is a contract common to all borrowers. The amount of the insurance premium is assessed based on the average risk of all the insured.

On the other hand, an individual contract specific to the company profile can also be created. It is drawn up by an insurance delegation and is calculated according to: the age of the borrower, the desired amount, state of health, etc. In short, it is a personalized contract to reduce the cost of loan insurance.

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Payment, credit or cash card: how to pay securely abroad? /payment-credit-or-cash-card-how-to-pay-securely-abroad/ /payment-credit-or-cash-card-how-to-pay-securely-abroad/#respond Sun, 29 Mar 2020 17:17:57 +0000

Paying abroad is easier than ever, whether you go on vacation in the eurozone or not. Payment card, credit card, cash: with these tips, you can make your payments in the smoothest and safest way possible.


Tips for your credit card

credit card

Your payment card is the perfect way to make payments during your vacation. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Before you leave, make sure you have enough money in your current account to pay for your vacation expenses.
  • Check the amount and currency before approving a payment. It is only after that you enter your PIN code.
  • Even abroad, your code must remain secret. Be discreet when making your payments and make sure no one else is watching.
  • Don’t you trust a vending machine? Turn away from it and look for another one, perhaps via the online ATM locator. Don’t get distracted when withdrawing money from an ATM.
  • You are going on vacation outside the euro zone. You will then pay a fee for any withdrawal with your card.
  • If you pay for a product with your bank card outside the euro zone, costs will also be charged.


Tips for your credit card

credit card

A credit card is the ideal addition to the payment card for any holidaymaker, especially if you are traveling outside the euro zone.

  • Before your vacation, check whether your spending limit is sufficient. This is not the case? Ask for an increase in the spending limit of your credit card (subject to acceptance of your file).
    Another solution is to transfer an amount from your current account to your credit card account so that its balance is sufficient. When traveling, you may also encounter unexpected expenses or need these amounts for the guarantees required by hotels or car rental companies.
  • Are you planning to rent a car, motorhome or motorbike at your vacation spot? You can use your credit card for the deposit. This amount will then be ‘blocked’ pending the return of the vehicle in good condition.
  • Voting does not prove your identity. Do not show it to anyone, even if asked with the best of excuses. Make sure you always have official IDs in your pocket. A merchant might ask for these when paying with a credit card.
  • Do you use your credit card to pay at a store, restaurant or bar? Make sure you never lose your eye chart. You will thus avoid many embezzlements.
  • More and more often, a code will be required for payment with a credit card. For the rare payments without code still in use, always check the amount written on the stump and keep it carefully.
  • Always take account of the costs recorded when paying with your credit card at a merchant outside the euro zone.
  • If you use your credit card to withdraw money from an ATM, there will also be additional charges .
  • If you are booking a cruise, check under which flag the boat is sailing. Transactions on board will be carried out according to the rules of the country of the flag. Your credit card must therefore be accepted there. Best Bank cards ensure you are almost everywhere in the right: only Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and South Sudan are not listed as ok.
  • When you return, check your accounts. Check that the amounts are correct and that undue additional costs have not been charged for transactions abroad.
  • Did you know that your credit card offers additional advantages when you encounter a setback during a trip? Best Bank credit cards are always accompanied by one or more insurances which, under certain conditions, will cover, for example, your journey, your luggage, an accident abroad or even your purchases.
  • Do you have a card that gives you discounts on your purchases, points or miles? These advantages also apply to purchases abroad.


Tips for cash

money loan

You will need cash if you leave the civilized world behind. However, it can also be interesting to have a little cash on hand to make small purchases.

  • Order foreign currency early in the bank. Opt for small denominations and change so that you can immediately pay the amount due.
  • Keep your money in a safe place. A belt with a hidden pocket, lockable compartments, is ideal. If you are a couple on vacation, consider sharing the cash.
  • Be discreet when paying with cash, especially on the street.
  • Do not overestimate the amount to take with you.
  • Count the change correctly after a purchase.
  • Pay attention to the exchange rate used when converting when paying in a foreign currency.
  • Many foreign locations now also allow contactless payments. Maestro and Mastercard authorize amounts up to USD 25, Visa, USD 20. It is a safe and convenient alternative to cash. Check if your card allows you: if you have a card with the contactless payment logo, that’s fine.
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How To Calculate Credit /how-to-calculate-credit/ /how-to-calculate-credit/#respond Thu, 20 Feb 2020 02:50:32 +0000

Afterwards you get a very good overview of your calculation so that it can be processed in different variants if required. However, temporary benefits such as parental allowance are not taken into account, as the loan usually runs over a longer period than granted. In order to calculate the household flat rate applicable to you, the bank generally only needs the number of people living in your household. For many loans, such as mortgage loans, the bank is tied to a reference interest rate to which it adds a premium. A loan is the taking out of a monetary debt with repayment of the amount for an agreed term, including a predetermined interest rate.

How do I calculate the amount of the construction loan?

How do I calculate the amount of the construction loan?

Credit and loan questions, answer suggestions – building society contract questions, answer suggestions – How do you calculate the building society savings amount? ¿How do I calculate the amount of the construction loan? The following equation results in the determination of the savings or minimum savings amount: Construction savings amount = monthly interest rate / regular interest rate x 1000. B. 100.00? is saved.

The standard savings rate is set by the housing association and expressed in millimeters, for example 4 millimeters per millimeter. Would you like to go through a home loan contract comparison? If you want to take out a loan or insurance policy, just contact a financing expert.

For mixed financing with a series loan and a building society contract, do you calculate the total costs? Real estate lending (real estate loan)

Hello, there are two ways to calculate the total costs of a mixed financing consisting of a spherical loan and a current home loan contract, which will replace the loan after 10 years: A second option is to add up the monthly costs over the entire duration and the loan amount deduct from it a kind of black box invoice in which payments are made against income (ie the loan).

For the last billing, I get a much lower cost than for the first. PS: You have completely neglected the costs (e.g. account management fee, closing fees, allocation fees, notary and land register fees). KKS: If you subtract the credit amount, you must have added something beforehand so that the differences are zero! You may have overlooked the cost of the home savings contract, you would have to deduct it from its interest.

How do I calculate the savings rate for a hardware store?

How do I calculate the savings rate for a hardware store?

Credit and loan questions, answers – building society contract questions, answers – How do you calculate the savings rate with a savings model? How do I calculate the savings rate for a hardware store? The following calculation formula is used to determine the monthly savings rate: You have to calculate the monthly savings rate if you want to know what you have to spend each month in order to generate the desired savings amount.

Of course, it should be noted that there are many other aspects to consider when granting the loan. Would you like to go through a home loan contract comparison? If you want to take out a loan or insurance policy, just contact a financing expert.

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Loan without employer – variety of reasons to take out the loan /loan-without-employer-variety-of-reasons-to-take-out-the-loan/ /loan-without-employer-variety-of-reasons-to-take-out-the-loan/#respond Fri, 24 Jan 2020 02:40:24 +0000

A loan can be taken out not only for a variety of reasons, but also with a wide variety of requirements. There are employees, students or the self-employed and freelancers who all want to fulfill one or the other wish with the help of a loan. And so it happens again and again that a loan without an employer is in demand.

The special thing about a loan without an employer

The special thing about a loan without an employer

If you don’t have an employer, you are either self-employed, you study or you are simply unemployed. If the third aspect is the reason for the lack of an employer, it looks very bad with borrowing. Because a serious loan offer without an employer is very difficult to find.

However, if it is because you are self-employed, a loan without an employer can certainly be obtained. Because then you only have to be able to prove that the income generated exceeds a certain limit and that it is stable. For this reason, self-employed persons must always submit meaningful documents about the financial situation in the company with the loan application.

Students can also take out a loan without an employer. There are very special student loans and funding opportunities that are tailored specifically to students and optimally take their needs into account. Which loan or which funding option is best suited should always be decided individually.

Here you get a loan

Here you get a loan

As long as you are not unemployed, you can take out a loan from any traditional bank and savings bank. This can either be done conveniently via the Internet, or you can contact a local bank and present the matter there.

If you are looking for a loan as an unemployed person, you will not find it directly. Sometimes credit intermediaries offer one or the other loan that might be considered. However, you should never lose sight of the missing income and clarify exactly how it can be used in the end before signing a loan contract. Because monthly installments are everywhere. Regardless of whether the loan comes from a bank or was taken out through an intermediary. This should never be forgotten.

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Loan without a certificate of employment /loan-without-a-certificate-of-employment/ /loan-without-a-certificate-of-employment/#respond Fri, 10 Jan 2020 02:40:34 +0000

In the free financial market, it is easy to apply for a loan without a certificate of employment from a private investor or a foreign bank. Here you have to search for lenders who do not make decisions based on creditworthiness and who provide loans without Credit Bureau information. If there is no fixed employment contract, the house bank or car bank rejects a loan application and refers the applicant to his lower credit rating.

Compare to credit without a job certificate on the free financial market

Compare to credit without a job certificate on the free financial market

An overview of existing offers and their relevance to the needs of the borrower can be obtained by using free online comparisons for the loan without a certificate of employment. These provide targeted information on the search and avoid having to opt for loans that are less suitable or too expensive. The low interest rates are of course a detail that can make a loan more attractive.

If you want to remain flexible during the term and protect yourself against financial problems, you should also pay attention to the general conditions and prefer a loan that can be changed in its repayment without additional fees. If the borrower earns more or becomes unemployed, adjusting the repayment rates can be a way to avoid a debt trap.

However, they can only be used if the loan does not become more expensive and is designed with additional costs. The comparison serves as the basis for a correct and carefully considered decision for a loan and should not be left out when looking for a loan without a work certificate.

Non-bureaucratic processing for quick approval

Non-bureaucratic processing for quick approval

You can apply for an online loan even if the waiting time is excluded and you should have the money quickly. The offers can be compared in a matter of seconds, which means that the borrower can submit their application immediately using the form. The processing by the lender takes less than 24 hours, so that the approval often reaches the applicant on the same day.

With collateral suitable for the loan and comprehensible personal information, there is nothing to prevent the loan from being approved without a work certificate and you can make a cheap, quick and always advantageous decision regarding liquidity.

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Credit without Credit Bureau exam /credit-without-credit-bureau-exam/ /credit-without-credit-bureau-exam/#respond Wed, 08 Jan 2020 02:42:23 +0000

For credit applications made in Germany, financial institutions generally carry out a Credit Bureau check. You will not only receive a notification of possible negative entries, but also an insight into existing financial liabilities and information about the current Credit Bureau score.

No further Credit Bureau examination by German lenders

No further Credit Bureau examination by German lenders

It is quite possible that German banks give their existing customers another loan without a Credit Bureau check, but they almost never communicate in advance. Many banks grant new customers a disposition loan for the first time half a year after opening an account, usually not having to do another Credit Bureau check because they had already done so six months ago. Mail order companies also often allow their existing customers to make another partial payment as a loan without a Credit Bureau check, if it has not been overly long since the last purchase.

The house bank can do without the Credit Bureau check for small loan amounts and only use internal credit data for the award decision. These are more stringent than the Credit Bureaudaten anyway, because the bank registers with each of its own customers every late payment and overdraft. The loan without a Credit Bureau check is to be distinguished from a Credit Bureau-free loan, since the financial institution reports the money being awarded to the credit protection agency.

Credit Bureau-free loans

Credit Bureau-free loans

If consumers want to be sure that a loan application without a Credit Bureau check is paid out, they opt for a Credit Bureau-free loan. Insurers award this by enabling their customers to secure their own payment claims. This possibility of borrowing free of Credit Bureau exists in principle with capital life insurance and with private pension insurance contracts. However, it is excluded if it is a state-funded Riester pension or Rürup pension, the loan of which immediately triggers claims for recovery by the state through the allowances paid or the tax benefits granted.

Loan customers most often take out a loan without a Credit Bureau check from a financial institution in Switzerland. The federal banks have no access to the data of the German Credit Bureau and can therefore neither carry out a Credit Bureau check before the loan approval nor report the payment of a loan to the latter. Loans from Switzerland that are disbursed without a Credit Bureau check are not foreign currency loans because they are processed entirely in dollars.


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Loan with temporary employment contract /loan-with-temporary-employment-contract/ /loan-with-temporary-employment-contract/#respond Thu, 26 Dec 2019 03:07:02 +0000

The term temporary employment contract is used in two different ways. It can relate to the employment relationship with a temporary employment agency as well as to temporary employment. With regard to borrowing, the two situations differ noticeably. While financial institutions also grant a disposition loan with regular income to account holders with temporary employment contracts, the application for a consumer loan proves to be more demanding.

Loan with an employment contract with a temporary employment agency

Loan with an employment contract with a temporary employment agency

The loan with a temporary employment contract in the meaning of an employment relationship with a temporary employment agency should not be a problem, because despite the different job locations, it is a fixed employment contract with a single employer. Nevertheless, few financial institutions generally refuse to lend to temporary agency workers. In the case of a desired loan with a temporary employment contract, temporary workers make sure that the bank they have selected provides loans to employees of the corresponding companies. The lower wages compared to direct employees allow borrowing by a temporary worker if he decides for the longest possible term and correspondingly low credit rates.

Temporary employment loan

Temporary employment loan

Financial institutions often do not approve a loan with a temporary employment contract in the sense of a temporary employment relationship, as there is no income security after the expiry of the time limit. These concerns do not apply if the borrower can repay the desired loan by the end of the employment contract. An alternative is to borrow from a financial institution that refrains from submitting the employment contract, as the time limit does not appear in the payroll.

In the case of instant loans without proof of salary, there is usually no employment contract to be submitted, so that this loan can be taken up despite the temporary employment contract. It is important that the borrower is careful to be able to pay the requested loan installments even if the employer does not renew the employment contract. In this case, it is advantageous to have a credit contract, the paragraphs of which expressly contain the right to change the repayment schedule at the customer’s request.

Borrowing with temporary employment contracts in retail and from private individuals

Borrowing with temporary employment contracts in retail and from private individuals

Payment in installments in retail can easily be taken up as a loan with a temporary employment contract, especially since neither an employment contract nor a pay slip is usually required. This means that both employees of temporary employment agencies and temporary employees can order goods on a partial payment basis at any time. A loan with a temporary employment contract can also be taken out via internet platforms for brokering loans between private individuals, especially since many of the private lenders registered there focus on social aspects in their decisions.

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Loan without guarantor and co – applicant /loan-without-guarantor-and-co-applicant/ /loan-without-guarantor-and-co-applicant/#respond Thu, 19 Dec 2019 03:03:16 +0000

A surety is liable for the repayment of a loan if the borrower has become insolvent. The form of guarantee provided by the legislator as a norm, according to which liability only takes effect after unsuccessful execution, is almost always replaced by the joint and several guarantee.

This states that if the borrower is insolvent, the guarantor is liable to pay benefits without the need for an attachment attempt. In contrast to the guarantor, a co-applicant is liable on an equal footing with the main borrower for the repayment of the loan debt. Financial institutions often prefer another applicant to a guarantor, as courts declare guarantees that they are emotionally connected and lacking in performance immoral, while they do not criticize the co-applicant.

Lending without co-applicants or guarantors

Lending without co-applicants or guarantors

If the bank has no concerns about the applicant’s creditworthiness, it will pay out an ordinary loan without guarantor and co-applicant. Borrowers with irregular income or negative entries in their Credit Bureau information, on the other hand, are often asked to provide a co-applicant or a guarantor. With a single soft negative entry, some institutions can take out the desired loan on their own, while other banks generally refuse because of a soft negative feature.

If German financial institutions have rejected the requested loan without guarantor and co-applicant on the basis of the Credit Bureau information, the loan application to a Swiss bank is recommended. This has no access to the Credit Bureau data, but requires a higher minimum income than most German credit providers.

Loan seekers with irregular or different sources of income choose an instant loan without proof of income for a loan without a co-applicant and without a guarantor. The obligation to provide honest information about the level of income remains, and it is possible to form an average income taking into account all payments.

Organized personal loans as an alternative to bank loans

Organized personal loans as an alternative to bank loans

Members registered as donors on Internet platforms for arranging private loans mainly take the specified purpose and social criteria into account when making their lending decisions. They prefer to grant a loan without guarantors and co-applicants to applicants whose loan applications to banks are rejected.

Formally, lending is handled by a licensed full bank for legal reasons and to ensure data protection, but the actual credit decisions are made by the members registered as lenders. Depending on the desired loan amount, it is granted by a single or by several partners.

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Loan without Credit Bureau information and credit check /loan-without-credit-bureau-information-and-credit-check/ /loan-without-credit-bureau-information-and-credit-check/#respond Mon, 16 Dec 2019 03:21:25 +0000

More and more people with a negative Credit Bureau entry face a problem with getting a loan. But even if there are already debts that are always properly serviced, they are in the Credit Bureau. In the real sense, this protection community should protect consumers from over-indebtedness, but now such entries are increasingly affected. It is not easy to get a loan without Credit Bureau information and credit check, because German banks always ask for information here.

Private credit intermediaries may be able to help

Private credit intermediaries may be able to help

Such credit brokers try to arrange a loan with a Lite Lender, but this is not a loan without Credit Bureau information and credit checks. Rather, banks are increasingly making an inquiry to other credit agencies, which then looks better. Here, perhaps a forgotten telephone bill is not seen as an obstacle to a loan, as is the case with Credit Bureau. Therefore, such private credit intermediaries may be able to broker a loan, but there is no guarantee.

However, reputable credit brokers never take money before they have brokered a loan. However, a few make this a condition or even want insurance to be taken out. Everyone should forego placement here, because reputable agents work on a success basis. So they only get money when the job is done and not before.

Swiss banks offer loans

Swiss banks offer loans

Swiss banks are a good and easy way to get a loan without Credit Bureau information and credit checks. Their loans via the Internet also offer this in Germany. However, these loans should then be compared here, since, as with all banking products, there are large differences in terms and interest rates. So it may be possible to get a loan despite a negative entry at Credit Bureau.

However, some papers still have to be sent here by post, because these banks also want to be sure to conclude a contract with the right person. In any case, it is possible to get a loan without Credit Bureau information and credit check, perhaps to pay some debts. Above all, Swiss loans do not appear in the Credit Bureau.

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